Tori Bridals || Tibble Fork Resevoir

This, everyone, is my darling niece Tori and i had the honor of not only photographing her engagements and her gorgeous tear filled romantic wedding day but also her bridals. This girl can always walk into a room and turn a few heads but MAN, the day we took her bridals, people were frozen in their tracks, dumbstruck so much that they would literally be 20ft behind her GAWKING in my shot and i having to shoo/yell at them to get them to move. They became THAT unaware of their surroundings the moment they saw her. People even got out of the cars just to watch HER. I do not write this lightly ha ha i also had two others photogs shadowing me who can vouch for me. Megan from Megan Parker Photography and Tacy from Tacy Ashby Photography (Who on a side note will be moving to Philadelphia soon).