Im Lana, the owner and principle photographer of Beautifully Dunn Photography. I love people in love, and capturing that love in its entirety. I feel blessed to get to work with such wonderful people.

Based out of Lehi, Ut, I’ve been photographing for over 7 years!

When i’m not behind the camera, you can find me at home chasing after my three little girls. I am married to a hilarious hunk of an IOS developer, whose only goal is to make me laugh, at any cost. We love to try new restaurants, and people watch, because we are creepy like that. We have three beautiful daughters named Alice, Elizabeth, and Sara. 

My love affair with photography started when I was a little girl. I would constantly buy disposable cameras with what money I could scrounge up and take pictures of my barbies in various poses or scenes. True story. 

It was never my intention to become a photographer. I more or less fell into it. When I first married, I had a friend who was a professional photographer. She often wanted company on her shoots and on wedding days. I soaked up every minute of it.  Gaining knowledge here and there with still no intention of becoming a photographer. Next thing I know, my sweet husband is buying me a camera and the rest is history. I honestly cant decide what I love photographing more: Newborns or weddings! 
They’re both equally hard but equally rewarding.

But honestly....

I am not some stuffy, boring photographer! You won’t be standing perfectly still holding your smile over and over until your mouth hurts. You will be laughing, wrestling, running, hugging, jumping and having fun! I LOVE pictures that tell the story of my clients and I LOVE pictures that make me want to be in the story. Let’s meet up and take pictures, shall we?

-Lana Dunn

 My awesome head shots were provided by Dollface Photo. You can find more of her work here: